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Names of members as of Sept 5, 1807, in the order they appeared. I don't know the significance of the order nor why husband and wives aren't listed together. [Note: The identity of "I" in this introduction was not recorded.]

Spencer Clack
Richard Varnall
William Henderson
Richard Fansher
Mary Clack
Saffire Moon
Catty Henderson
Richard Varnall Jr
Moses Oldham
Richard Wood
Sarah Rogers
Mary McMahan
Elizabeth Blair
John Moon
Meady White
Catty Redman
Liddy Varnall
Sarah Spencer
Mary Hill
Mary Fansher
Jamy Nelson
Mary White
Sarah Frashur
Jonathan Hill
David Nelson
Mary Bohannon
Black Joe
John Taylor
Taylor (wife)
Zelpy Clark
James Clark
Presilla Baker
Susannah Spencer
Joseph Laman
Laman (wife)
George Long
Wm Spencer
Hanner Hoof
Levy Spencer
Lijah Chambers
Lijah Rogers     dis
Catty Rogers     dis
Hnery B Baker
Polly Moon (?)
Liddy Tillman
Mary Robison
Nels Robison
Jean Robison
Betsy Kerkocy
Jean Tipton
Rhoda Tipton
Wm Shields
Peggy Shields
Winny Person
Black Abram     Ex
Alleck Bohannon
Elizabeth Andas
Mary Langly
Jean Oldham
Sarah Fryer
Vabra Shields
Wm Varnall
Sissy Maples
Wm Price     dis     rec
Liddy ?
Ruth Maples
Isaac Veach
Matthew Shields     dismist
Sarah Isbel
Rawleigh Clack     exc
Mary Clack
Susana Moon
Nancy Shields
Moses Johnson
and wife Ellinder
Wm ?
James Sewell     dismist
Nathaniel Moon
James Smith
and wife     dismist
Neomy Johnson     dismist
Wm Copeland
Elizabeth Copeland
Ellander Coplin
John Ballard
Betsy Byrd     dismist
Betsy Ballard
Susanna Williams     dismist
Wm Underwood     dismist
Jesse Morris     ex
Sarah Morris


Liddy Turner     dismist
Appears to be membership associated with the following Churches:

  • Little East Fork     no 60
  • Forks of Pigeon     75
  • Providence     42


Nancy Wilkerson     dismist
Winny Adams
Nancy Trotter     dismist
Reckey Fansher
Robison family     to have letters of dismission

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