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Names from Individual Meetings

January 1815

Betsy Baker

February 1815

Br Moon
Br Henderson
Br White

March 1815

Meady White
Peggy Varnall     letter of dismission
Polly Taylor     letter of dismission
Sister Robers     letter of dismission

April 1815

Jonas Moon Mod
Richard Varnall senor
Isaac Richard
John Morris
Sister Blair
Martain Atchly and wife     received by letter
Br Rawleigh

May 1815

Isaac Richard
Wm Varnall senor
William Varnall Juner
Sookey, wife of Isaac Richard
Sacrement Meating on Nob Creek June 1815

Assume this to be June 1815

Br Wood
Sam Stocton
Spencer Clack senor
Union meating on Indian Creek

July 1815

no names

August 1815

Sally McCarty
Fork Church
Polly McCarty     letter of dismission
Sister Whetton     letter of dismission
Richard Fansher, his wife and daughter Nancy Fansher     dismission

September 1815

Church in Wears Valley
Jonas Moon
George Long
Joel Haggard
Isaac Scelman
Brother Stocton
William Henderson
Spencer Clack junor
Spencer Clack senor

October 1815

Br Scelman
Joel Haggard

November 1815

Br Scelman

December 1815

Joel Haggard
Br Scelman
John Ballard
John Varnal

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