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Names from Individual Meetings

January 1816

Joel Haggard
Isaac Scelman

February 1816

Rebuilding the grave yard at the forks of piggeon
"fraud committed on the grave yard by taking and carring away the plank scantling and nails of said lot and caring away stone, the under pinning of the meating and by inquiring they can find the person or persons that have mad this ......"

Capt. Wm Mitchel
Petter Andas
Robert Lossan
Wm Henderson
Spencer Clack juner     letter of dismission

March 1816

Boids Creek Church asks for help
Polly Taylor
James P.H. Porter
Alexander Preston
Isaac Veach     letter of dismission
"to have the grave yard parted in."

April 1816

Cove Church asks for help
Richard Wood
Spencer Clack

May 1816

Peggy Varnall

June 1816

"First the Church taken into consideration the Depredations committed on the grave yard and house and Lot in taking the underpinning away, cutting down timber and carring off the Lot and taking the plank scantling and Nails from the grave yard and detect these Rongs the church appoint Samuel Stocton, Spencer Clack, and also request Mr Isaac Love to as a Commission with the above named to make delegent inquiry..."

Isble Robison
Isaac Richards
Samuel Stocton
John Morris

July 1816

Isaac Richard
Committee looking into fraud committed on grave yard reported that "Squr ?...? confest"

August 1816

Thos Capshaw     letter of dismission

September 1816

Sister Jordon
Samuel Stocton
Rawleigh Clack
Polly Mahan     letter of dismission
Richard Wood
George Long
Assosation meeting at Millers Cove
Spencer Clack
Williiam Varnall juner

October 1816

Sister Jordon
Medy White
Levy Spencer
Jonas Moon
George Long
John Morris
Martain Y. Atchley
Spencer Clack

"The members as taken the 5 of October 1816 is as follows:

Forks of Piggeon   87 Providence   46
Bethel   47     180"

November 1816

Levy Spencer

December 1817

??(probably 1816)
Richard Wood
William Henderson
Jonas Moon
Spencer Clack

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