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Names from Individual Meetings

January 1819

Richard Wood, Modr
Anny Walker     letter of dismsission
Richard Varnal, Juner     received by letter

February 1819

Richard Wood, Mod
S.C., clerk
Polly Taylor     letter of dismission
Betsy Clabough     letter of dismission
William Henderson
George Oldham
Nancy Academy agreement agreed to by church

Inserted in pencil at this point in the record book

Spencer Clack was clerke from the organization of the Church up to Septtember 1824. Isaac A. Miller was clirke from this date up to July 1827. Wm. ....? was clirke up to Nov 1827. Joseph Clarke was clirke frome this date up to Sept 1833. No record up to July 1837. From this date Curtis Mills was clirke parte of the time and R.S. Shields the other parte up to february 1841. Josiah Varner was clirk up to August 1841. Curtis Mills was clirke frome the seventh of May 1842 up to July 1845. John Mullendore was clirke frome this date up to January 12th 1861 and then Church disbanded. Met Aprile 29th 1876 for reorganization.

Statistics from 1809 to 1828     19 years


Clacke has two hundred and thirty sixe minutes recorded in this book up to Septtember 1824.

Richard Wood had the pastorial care of the church frome its organizatioon up to April 1829. On account of his health failure E. Rodgers was colled to his assisteance at that time, acted as assistant untill November 1831 and that time El Rodgers was called to take the pastoral care of the church. Eli Roberts supposed to be his assistant untille 1841. E. Rogers died in May that year. Eli Roberts was modertor up to August 1842.

March 1819

Richard Wood, Moderator
Spencer Clack, Clerk
Sister Molly, a woman of collar
Br Joe, a man of collar
Sister Lindy, a woman of coular
Jonas Moon
John Moon
John Varnal and wife     letter of dismission
Wm Varnal and wife     letter of dismission
David Nelson and wife     letter of dismission
Polly Taylor     received by letter

April 1819

Brother Joe excluded
Sister Lindy excluded
Joel Langly
Sister Bodin
George Long
Sister Rose, a woman of couler     received by letter
Sister Clack     received by letter

June 1819

Richard Wood, Mod
Williams Clark
Joel Langley

July 1819

Jonas Moon, Mod
Spencer Clack, Clerk
Joel Langly

August 1819

Joel Langly suspended

September 1819

Joel Langly restored
Richard Wood
Spencer Clack
George Long
Sister Pheby Fansher     letter of dismission
Sister Nancy Shelton     letter of dismission
White Oak Flat
George Oldham
"The numbers September 1819 ... 89"

October 1819

Jonas Moon, Moderator
"A petition from Bethel an arm of this church of 52 members for admission to be constituted a church which is granted by the body." The members names are as follows:

Wm. Maples, Nancy Maples, George Oldham, Sarah Oldham, Lucy Oldham, Dannuel Laman, Sarah Laman, Freer Green, Mangred Green, James Oldham, Leah Oldham, James Breeden, Hanner Breeden, Thomas Williams, Betsy Williiams, John Jiles, Onner Jiles, James Rider, Charley Riders, Edmon James, Mary James, Andrin Connacher, Mary Connacher, John Brushman, George Hurst, Ruth Maples, Margaret Robert, Nancy Robert, Jean Dolins, James Oldham, Am Dugen, Peggy Dugen, Hetty Laman, Pegger Laman, Susana Laman, Lida Hook, Catty Fours, Nancy Stinit, Catty Williams, Susana Web, Wm Camel, Wm Breaden, Elle Braden, Mary Daves, Sarah Breaden, Catty Connacher, Mary Maple, James Karre, Eave Tommas, Susana Black, Sarah Langly, Lide Scelman.

Lida Scelman     letter of dismission
Sarah Frier     restored

November 1819

Richard Wood, Modr
Spencer Clack, Clerk
John Morris and wife     letter of dismission

December 1819

Richard Wood, Mod
Richard Varnal
Leda Varnal
Levy Spencer and wife
Jonas Moon
George Long
Moses Oldham     letter of dismission

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