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Names from Individual Meetings

January 1822

"Bad weather prevened the meating in January"

February 1822

no business

March 1822

Joel Langly
Jonas Moon
Wm Henderson

April 1822

Jonas Moon Mod
Spencer Clack Clerk
Joel Langly     excluded
Catty Burdine     letter of dismission
Nancy Langly     letter of dismission

May 1822

no business

June 1822

Barbary Shields     joined by letter
Margret Robert     joined by letter
White Oak church
Richard Wood
Wm Henderson
William Varnal
Richard Varnal juner
Samuel Stocton
Jsoeph Hoof
Johnson Adams
Richard Dun

July 1822

Richard Mod
Spencer Clack Clerk
White Oak flat
Jonas Moon
Johnson Adams
Joseph Hoof

August 1822

White Oat flat

Johnson Adams "proposed a querry whether it was righ for a baptis to partake with the methodis in what cawl a love feast" Answer: no.

Appy White     received by experience
Mary Lambard     received by experience
Sarah Liveston     received by experience
Trustees of Nancy Academy want to resend their conract
Elijah Rogers
William Henderson

September 1822

Nancy Academy
Jonas Moon
William Henderson
Molly, a woman of coular     letter of dismission
Ann Matthews     received by letter
Brother Wood
Brother Parrot
Richard Varnal

"At this time 1822 the total number at the forks 53 members and at arm on White oak 14."

October 1822

Georg Loong Mod
S. Clack, Clerk
Ginny, a woman of coular, belonging to Hennry Butler     received by experience.

November 1822

Richard Wood Modr
S. Clack C.C.
Sarrah Brooksher     letter of dismission
Sarrah Varnall     letter of dismission

December 1822

Richard wood modr
S. Clack
no business

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