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Names from Individual Meetings

January 1823

Wm Varnall
Sina Alan     letter of dismission
Johnson Adams nominated as a deacon
Georg Long     letter of dismission

February 1823

Richard Wood Mod
S. Clack Clerk
Brother Adams received as deacon
Thomas Hill
Elijah Rogers

March 1823

no business

April 1823

Thomas Hill
Elijah Rogers
Johnson Adams
Nancy Roberts     received by letter
Sarah Cags     to have letter of dismission
Daniel Laman

May 1823

J. Adams
Johnson Adams
Elijah Rogers
Daniel Laman
Winney Bodine     letter of dismission

June 1823

[original transcriber's note: "not in Clack's handwriting"]

Richard Wood Moderator
Nancy Lingly     conditional dismission
Jonas Moon and wife

July 1823

[original transcriber's note: "not in Clack's handwriting"]

Richard Wood Moderator
Spencer Clack Clerk
Sarba Shield
Jonas Moon
William Henderson

August 1823

Brother Henderson
Sabeau Shields
Sister Andas
Sarah Gags     joing by letter
Nelly Clark     letter of dismission
Richard Wood
William Henderson
Spencer Clack

September 1823

Richard Wood, Moderator
S. Clack, Clerk
Sarba Shield
Mary Smith     received by experience

"Our number at the forks 49. White Oak flats 15."

October 1823

Letters of dismission: Sophiah Moon, Sara McGags, Mary Langly, Jonas Moon and wife.
Lydia Moon, junior     received by experience and also to have a letter of dismission.
Jonas Moon, Modr.

November 1823

no business

December 1823

Brother Wood, Moderator
Spencer Clack, Clerk
Sister Smith     letter of dismission
Sister Leviston and Sally Leviston     letters of dismission
Nancy Clark     letter of dismission
George Long
Nancy Langly letter of dismission

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