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Names from Individual Meetings

Jamuary 1824

"No meeting by the badness of the weather."

February 1824

"meeting also prevented by the bad weather."

March 1824

no business

April 1824

Wm Henderson
Johnson Adams
Jonas Moon (replaced as commissioner of the church)
Rawleigh Clack (replaced as commissioner of the church)

May 1824

Richard Wood, Moderator
Spencer Clack, Clerk
Polly Henderson     received by experience
John Moon and wife
William Henderson
Richard Dunn
Sippy Maples     letter of dismission
Miller Cove

June 1824

Richard Wood, Moderator
S. Clack, Clerk
William Henderson
Richard Dunn
John Moon and wife
Wm White     received by experience

July 1824

[Note from original transcriber: "Clack remained Clerk, but does not appear to have written the minutes since May, 1823."]

Richard Wood, Moderator
Isaac A. Miller, Clerk
Isaac A. Miller appointed Clerk.

November 1824

R. Wood, Moderator
Isaac A. Miller, Clerk
Wears Cove Church
Polly Taylor     requested letter of dismission
Br. Varnal
Rhoda Renfro     letter of dismission
Pisgah Church

December 1824

Elijah Rogers, Moderator
I.A. Miller, Clerk
Joel Longhe     restored and letter of dismission
John Moon
Isaac Moon
Elijah Rogers
Sevier Reno
Saml Stocton
William White
Spencer Clack

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