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Umberger, James Harvey: Born July 7, 1864, in Wythe County, Va. Son of J. H. Umberger, who died in a Federal prison before his son was born. Educated at Emory and Henry College, where he was converted. Licensed to preach 1907. Admitted 1907. Served seven appointments in Wythe and adjoining counties. A faithful man. Married Aug. 16, 1890, Miss Rhoda Viola King. He served fourteen years as Statistical Secretary of Holston Conference. Died April 5, 1925, at Pearisburg, Va., where he was pastor. Buried at Mt. Pleasant Church near Wytheville, Va.

Umberger, Robert Shannon: Born Dec. 26, 1856, in Wythe County, Va. Son of Abraham and Sarah Umberger. Education at Emory and Henry College. Admitted in 1886 and served faithfully in active work for twenty-two years. He married Dec. 24, 1890, Miss Emma Louise Gildersleeve of Tazewell County, Va. They had four children. He was a very devoted husband and father. He took superannuate relation in 1908 and so continued twenty-seven years. His home was at Athens, W. Va. Here he died March 20, 1935, and here was buried.

Varnell, John M.: Born 1802. Admitted into South Carolina Conference in 1828. Appears in Holston 1849. Died 1857. Buried at Calhoun, Tenn.

Vaught, Sidney Bays: Born Feb. 16, 1868, in Wythe County, Va. Son of Noah Trigg and Minerva Jane Atkins Vaught. His mother was a sister of Rev. D. H. Atkins and Rev. K. C. Atkins. He was educated at Asbury Academy, Carson-Newman College and Emory and Henry College. He was admitted to Holston Conference in 1894, and was in active work for thirty-eight years. He served one circuit and eight stations and one district. He was Financial Agent for Emory and Henry College one year, Commissioner for Emory University four years, and Field Secretary, Children's Home Society of Virginia, one year. He was one of the strongest preachers of Holston Conference in his day. "During his pastorates seven new churches and one parsonage were built. He was a builder and a fighter." Richly endowed with a powerful and handsome physique, a strong and energetic mind and a pleasing personality, he was unusually well equipped for the Methodist itineracy. He married Aug. 29, 1894, Miss Sallie Albert Peery, Tazewell, Va. They had three children. He took the superannuate relation in 1933, when he was sixty-four. He died in his home at Bristol, Va., Aug. 9, 1935. He was buried at Tazewell, Tenn.

Vermillion, William: In Holston one year, 1805.

Wagg, John D.: Born July 8, 1835, Jefferson, N. C. Son of Rev. James Wagg. Admitted 1858. Superannuated 1865. In this short time he rose to Asheville station and Bristol station. His abilities were above ordinary. Died 1866. Buried at Hillsville, Va.

Wagner, William Nathan: Born March 25, 1854, in Tazewell County, Va. Son of David and Mariah Wagner. Educated in public school and by the steady pursuit of learning to the end of his days. Converted at nine years of age. Because of the crowded condition of Holston he was admitted to the Baltimore Conference in 1881 and served there until 1890, when he transferred to Holston; he transferred back to Baltimore Conference in 1901; transferred to Florida Conference in 1909, to be with his missionary daughter, at home on sick-leave from Korea; transferred to Holston in 1911. A man of slow, but strong intelligence, a clear, convincing preacher, a steady and faithful Christian, he served well on circuits and stations in the three Conferences to which he belonged. Married in 1880, Miss Sue Frances Canter, Huntersville, W. Va. They had two daughters. The older daughter, Miss Ella Sue, went as a missionary to Korea in 1904, and has long been one of the leaders of her Church in that land. Mrs. Wagner died in Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 25, 1922. He then made his home with his daughter, Mrs. John T. McMullin. He superannuated in 1921. His once strong frame became very frail, but he continued cheerful and gracious. Died May 3, 1933, at Bluefield, W. Va., and was buried at Emory, Va.

Walke, Ivy: In Holston one year, 1815.

Walker, Edward W.: Born Sept. 10, 1866, in Hawkins County, Tenn. Admitted 1889. After four years he was sent to Hawkins circuit, where he had been brought up. He served that charge with great acceptability. Twelve years was the span of the ministry of this humble and faithful man. Although ill he continued to preach until tuberculosis brought him low. Married Miss Callie V. Kite, Nov. 13, 1887. They had six children. Died May 23, 1901. Buried at Graham, Va.

Walker, John Randolph: Born May 12, 1850, in Tazewell County, Va. Son of Daniel Alexander and Harriet Neel Walker. A younger brother, Robert M. Walker, was also for many years an itinerant preacher in Holston Conference. Joined the church at thirteen; licensed to preach 1876. Admitted 1876. "In forty years he served twenty-one pastoral charges and attended every Annual Conference, but one." Notwithstanding the meagerness of his educational opportunities he became an unusually strong preacher. He possessed the gift of seasoned and forceful speech. Married Dec. 1, 1875, Miss Mary J. Brown. They had nine children, to all of whom he gave college or university training. Superannuated 1916. Died Jan. 23, 1917, at Charlottesville, Va. Buried at Wytheville, Va.

Walker, Newton F.: Born June 21, 1868, in Hawkins County, Tenn. Admitted from the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in 1908. Served eight charges in nineteen years. Married twice: (1) Feb. 17, 1889, Miss Magdalene Saylor. They had four children. (2) Aug. 26, 1926, Miss Susie Gentry, Wyndale, Va. A quiet, conscientious, faithful man. Superannuated 1927. Died Oct. 25, 1929, at Wyndale, Va. Buried at Johnson City, Tenn.

Walker, Richard E.: Born Nov. 12, 1873. Son of James A. and Mary Thompson Walker. He was educated in the schools of Greene County and at Grant University. He was admitted in 1904. He was constantly in the pastorate until 1934, and spent the year following in evangelistic work. He married Miss Elizabeth Fink. They had four children. On Sept. 26, 1938, he suffered a severe stroke of paralysis. He died at his home in Greeneville, Tenn., on June 27, 1939. He was buried in Greene County, Tenn.

Walker, Robert: Born Aug. 24, 1865, in Miller's Cove, Blount County, Tenn. He graduated from Porter's Academy and taught school for several years in Blount and Knox Counties and was Superintendent of Public Instruction for Blount County. Admitted in 1897 and was appointed to U. S. Grant University where he graduated three years later. During part of this time he was a pastor. He was earnestly intent upon making preparation for the ministry. His last pastorate was Harriman, where he served four years. He was twice married: (1) Miss Gertrude Kerr. They had three children. (2) Miss Daisy Goddard. They had two children. He died Dec. 24, 1907, at the home of his brother, T. J. Walker, Knoxville, Tenn. He was buried at Wildwood Cemetery in Blount County.

Walker, Robert McDonald: Born July 11, 1863, in Clear Fork Valley, Bland County, Va. Son of D. A. and Harriet Neel Walker. Admitted in 1889. He served fifteen charges in thirty-seven years. He was a clear, forceful preacher of the word of God. He married Miss Ella Moore, Jan. 28, 1882. They had seven children. He had poor health for many years and was forced to superannuated in 1926. He died May 6, 1938, in a hospital at Knoxville; and was buried at Strawberry Plains, Tenn.

Walker, Thomas Senter: Born May 24, 1840. Educated in common schools. But acquired and maintained the habit of reading and study. "He was a man of sound judgement, conviction and courage." He began preaching when he was eighteen. He was admitted to Holston Conference (South) in 1861, but his ministry was soon interrupted by the Civil War. He joined Holston Conference (M.E.) at its organization in 1865. He served nineteen circuits and one district. He was twice married: (1) Miss Mary J. Carter, March 22, 1865. They had six children. (2) Mrs. Augusta Dooley McFee. They had four children. He was superannuated in 1905, but after this did supply work. He died June 30, 1909. He was buried at Morristown, Tenn.

Walker, William Hicks: Born Nov. 17, 1869, in Tazewell County, Va. Son of Thomas F. and Juliana Steele Walker. He was converted in childhood, but shirked religious duties. At eighteen he was renewed and answered the call to preach. Admitted in 1908, he was active for thirty years, during which he served ten charges, most diligently and faithfully. He married Jan. 1, 1902, Miss Elma Brown Walker, daughter of Rev. Robert M. Walker. They had five children. He was superannuated in 1938. Died Feb. 19, 1939, in his home at Cleveland, Tenn. He was buried at Strawberry Plains, Tenn.

Wampler, I. A.: Born Jan. 14, 1863, at Mosheim, Greene County, Tenn. He was admitted to the ministry in the Methodist Protestant Church and was for several years a diligent pastor. He married June 27, 1893, Miss Lula Allen. After his retirement he made his home at Midway, Tenn. "At the age of seventy-eight he retained his interest in the work of the Methodist Church." He died Feb. 20, 1941, at Midway and was buried there.

Wampler, Joseph F.: Born Jan. 3, 1848, in Wise County, Va. Converted at sixteen and licensed to exhort. Admitted 1876. Served in itinerant work without a break for twenty-four years. He served circuits in East Tennessee and North Carolina and is said to have witnessed the conversion of between two and three thousand persons. Married Miss Ara Moore, Shellmound, Tenn. Died May 24, 1900, at Charleston, Tenn. Buried at McDaniel's Chapel, Tenn.

Ward, James: Admitted 1792. One year in Holston, 1792-93. Died 1855.

Ward, John Blair: Born Dec. 18, 1857, in Ward's Cove, Tazewell County, Va. Son of Capt. A. T. and Rebecca Thompson Ward. Educated in public schools and the local academy and spent two years at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, at Blacksburg, Va. He was for some years associated with his father and brother in the export cattle business, in which they were successful. When a young man he united with the Presbyterian Church and became an elder in that Church. He joined the Methodist Church in 1895. He was admitted into Holston Conference at Tazewell, Va., in 1895, being then thirty-eight years of age. The first six years were spent in the coal field in work of unusual success. His zeal did not abate in the years which followed on Newbert and Pearisburg circuits and at Whiteside, Chattanooga. He was three years Conference Missionary Evangelist. He was Financial Agent of Martha Washington College. He served as presiding elder of Bluefield, Chattanooga and Radford Districts - serving four years in each. He was again sent to the coal field, but was unable to finish the year. He became superannuate in 1925 and retired to his home in Bluefield, W. Va. He was a man of fine physical appearance and vigor, and with excellent gifts of intelligence; to this may be added that he had great moral earnestness coupled with positive convictions and simple faith. He accomplished more after thirty-eight than most men accomplished in a lifetime. He was twice married: (1) Miss Sallie George McCall, 1879. She died in 1889. They had seven children. (2) Miss Glendora Cullup, Bristol, Va., Sept. 1890. They had three children. He died April 23, 1928, in his own home at Bluefield, W. Va.; and was buried at Abingdon, Va.

Ware, Joseph Thackery: Born Aug. 29, 1869, in Camden County, N. J. In early life he moved to Iowa and, in 1892, to Georgia. Admitted to the Georgia Conference in 1894. After twelve years of strenuous work in Georgia he transferred to Holston Conference and continued his work there for thirteen years. "On every charge, whether large or small, he was alike faithful to his duties as a pastor. For years he traveled his large circuits on foot. His excessive labors broke his health and he became a great sufferer." He married Miss Luvena Moss. They had four children. After her death he lived with his daughters. He superannuated in 1916. He died Nov. 23, 1931, in Pickens County, Ga. He was buried at Ludville, Ga.

Ware, Thomas: In Holston two years, 1787-1789. Admitted 1784 at the historic Christmas Conference. His was the longest ministerial career of any of the early preachers in Holston. For some time before his death, on March 11, 1842, he was the oldest Methodist preacher in America. Born in Greenwich County, N. J., Dec. 19, 1758. He volunteered to come to Holston with John Tunnell and Micajah Tracey in 1787. He served among the new settlers on the lower Holston and French Broad Rivers and shared with them the dangers and hardships of the frontier; was with John Tunnell when Mrs. Elizabeth Russell and her husband were converted; and was a member of the first Conference west of the Blue Ridge, at Keywood, Va., in May, 1788. Circuit rider, station preacher, presiding elder, missionary to Jamaica. Elected in 1812 one of the Book Stewards and served four years. He was one of the great men of his day.

Waterhouse, Richard Green: Born Dec. 24, 1855, near Spring City, Rhea County, Tenn. Son of Franklin and Lorinda Rachel Thompson Waterhouse. Educated in local and high school, in Hiwassee College and Emory and Henry College, from which he graduated in 1885. Licensed to preach in 1878. Admitted 1878. After serving Altamont and Spencer Mission and Jonesboro he was appointed as junior preacher on Abingdon circuit in 1881. This enabled him to enter Emory and Henry College. He was sent to Church Street, where he remained four years. This was followed by two years on Radford District. In 1892 he was elected Professor of Mental and Moral Science in Emory and Henry College. In 1893 he was elected President of Emory and Henry College. The years of his presidency were heroic years and he invested his life in the College. Refusing to allow an increase of his salary, he never received above $1,300 per year during the seventeen years he was there. He gave himself to the freeing of the College from debt and rebuilding for the new demands then facing the church in the field of college education. He soon became widely known among the educators of the M. E. Church, South, and was in great demand as a speaker. He became known also as one of the most powerful preachers of the connection. He was elected a delegate to the General Conferences of 1894, 1898, 1902, 1906 and 1910. He was elected Bishop in 1910. His first assignment was to the Pacific Coast. He moved to Los Angeles and served that area four years. So splendid was his physique and so handsome his person that he attracted attention wherever he went. But no man was more truly humble. Before the end of his first quadrennium his health showed serious impairment and continued to decline. He moved to Emory, where he was loved and honored by his neighbors and his Conference. He was twice married: (1) To Miss Carrie Steele, Crystal Springs, Miss., on Feb. 3, 1887. They had one child, a daughter. Mrs. Waterhouse died Sept. 11, 1891. (2) To Mrs. Mary Thomas Carriger, Morristown, Tenn., Oct. 10, 1894. They had two sons. In the fall of 1922, he moved to Knoxville so as to be near both of his sons. He had grown to be feeble, but kept up his heroic effort to recover, by taking regular exercises. While thus engaged, walking on the street on a gloomy afternoon, he was struck by an automobile and seriously injured. He was hurried to a hospital, but did not regain consciousness. He died Dec. 8, 1922. He was buried at Emory, Va., on Dec. 11, 1922.

Watkins, Albert G.: Born May 5, 1818, in Jefferson County, Tenn. He was educated in college and studied law. While a young man he was elected to the State Legislature and served two terms. He was later elected to represent his district in Congress and served four terms, to the great satisfaction of his constituents. In 1865, at Panther Springs Church, he was converted under the ministry of Rev. W. C. Graves. He was licensed to preach, and in 1866, he joined Holston Conference (M. E.). He traveled important charges in the region in which he had been active in political affairs. "He was a man of deep piety, a popular preacher, a good revivalist and an excellent pastor." He married Aug. 30, 1839, Miss Louisa Brittion, of Kentucky. She died in 1885. He married the second time in Dec., 1886, Miss Lucretia Caldwell. In 1887 his health failed and he was seldom able to preach afterwards. He superannuated in 1887 and retired to his home in Hawkins County, where he died Nov. 9, 1895. He was buried at Jefferson City, Tenn.

Watkins, James Henry: Born May 9, 1874, in Steubenville, Ohio. Son of Samuel Aaron and Louisa Grimsley Watkins. He grew to manhood at Front Royal, Va. Educated in public schools. He joined the Baptist Church with his parents. He transferred his membership to the M. E. Church, South, was licensed to preach in 1898, and served as a supply preacher in the Baltimore Conference prior to 1912. He was admitted into Holston Conference in 1913 and served several charges and was district evangelist for several years. This was his favorite field. He was twice married: (1) Miss Edwina Blanche Fristoe, Luray, Va., May 23, 1899. They had two sons. Rev. Clyde F. Watkins, the younger son, is a member of Holston Conference. (2) Miss Ruby Lane, Knoxville, Tenn., in 1932. They had one child. He superannuated in 1933. He died in Knoxville General Hospital, Feb. 29, 1936, and was buried in Knoxville.

Watson, Joab: Admitted 1801. In Holston one year, 1804. Died west of Mississippi River at an advanced age. "He was a good Hebrew scholar; and an able expounder of the word of God."

Watson, John: Born in Calvert County, Md. Admitted 1792. In Holston seven years as pastor and presiding elder. Died in 1838, in Baltimore Conference.

Watson, Neil McKay: Born July 17, 1857, at Jonesboro, N. C. Educated at the University of North Carolina and Vanderbilt University. The degree of Doctor of Divinity was later conferred on him by the University of North Carolina. He was admitted to the North Carolina Conference in 1888. He served important churches in North Carolina for twenty years. In 1908 he transferred to Holston Conference. He was soon received as a "Holston man" and was given appointments of high rank. "He always made thorough preparation for the pulpit, and in consequence, never lacked for eager hearers." He was elected to the General Conference of 1922 and was a member of the committee on Unification. He married Dec. 26, 1900, Miss Frances Atwater. They had two sons. He superannuated in 1934, and lived at Chattanooga. He died in his home March 15, 1937, and was buried in Chattanooga.

Waugh, Henry P.: Born in Monroe County, Tenn. Admitted 1855. Transferred to Alabama Conference 1864, but returned to Holston Conference in 1871. Was chaplain in Confederate Army two years. Supernumerary in 1886 and 1889. Superannuated 1890, but served a charge that year. His preaching was characterized by common sense, simplicity and directness, and he was a successful revival preacher. After retirement he made annual journeys through the charges which he had served. Married, during his first year as a preacher. Miss Barbara G. Everett, who died in 1861. Married Dec. 3, 1863, Mrs. Mary A. Proctor. Died July 11, 1898, and was buried at Morristown, Tenn.

Weatherly, Samuel S.: Born May 28, 1851, in Washington County, Va. Admitted 1873. Of thirty-two years in the Conference, ten were in North Carolina, one in Tennessee and twenty-one in Virginia. In all of the charges he did good work. Married June 19, 1875, Miss Mary Elizabeth Henry, Hendersonville, N. C. There were six children, one of whom is a Methodist preacher in a western state. His death resulted from being struck by a train in Eggleston, Va. At the time of his death he was pastor of Staffordsville circuit. Died Oct. 5, 1905. Buried at Emory, Va.

Weaver, James Harvey: Born May 24, 1849, in Ashe County, N. C. He was the son of Rev. Hiram and Mrs. Zilpha Ashley Weaver. He was educated in the public schools and at Jefferson Academy, under J. P. Marlin. Converted at thirteen; admitted into Holston Conference in 1878. After six years as pastor, in North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee, he was appointed presiding elder, and served continuously in that office for ten years. At the organization of the Western North Carolina Conference he became a member of that body. He was elected as a delegate to the General Conference. Following this he served for fourteen years in important stations in North Carolina. His last appointment was to Greensboro District, which he served for three and one half years. He married Dec. 24, 1872, Miss Jennie Burkett. Their son, Rev. Charles C. Weaver, was President of Emory and Henry College for ten years and is a leading member of the Western North Carolina Conference. Mrs. Weaver died Feb. 28, 1914. He died suddenly Feb. 17, 1917, in Greensboro, N. C. He was buried at Emory, Va.

Weeks, Salathiel: In Holston one year, 1792-1793.

Wells, B. F.: Admitted 1839. He was a superannuate. Died in 1884. Buried at Leicester, N. C.

West, John: In Holston one year, 1790-1791.

West, Thomas Reed: Born Sept. 3, 1838. He was licensed to preach in 1859. Admitted in 1866. He served twenty-four circuits and two districts, was supernumerary one year and superannuate eleven years. He married May 22, 1860, Miss Amanda J. Thomas. They had eight children. He died May 1, 1917. He was buried at Athens, Tenn.

Wexler, Edwin C.: Born Aug. 31, 1828, in Sullivan County, Tenn. Admitted 1850. Common school education. His father had a well-selected library of religious biographies and theological works, which he read in his boyhood. He was intellectually mature when he entered the Conference at twenty-two; and at once took high rank as a preacher. He was a successful revivalist and pastor. After serving Waynesville, Tazewell and Hendersonville circuits, he served Abingdon, Knoxville, Chattanooga and Asheville stations and Wytheville District. He served as a chaplain in the Confederate Army. Died of consumption in 1865. Buried in Lagrange, Ga.

Wheeler, Samuel R.: Born Nov. 17, 1816. Local preacher about twenty years. Admitted 1861. Was circuit preacher several years; and presiding elder of Sequatchie District and Athens District. Superannuated 1885. Married twice: the first was a Miss Jones. Several years after her death he married Miss Ransberger of West Virginia. A strong, but not a brilliant preacher. Died 1890. Buried at Alderson, W. Va.

Whittaker, Mark: In Holston one year, 1786. Admitted in 1785. In Holston as pastor with Mark Moore in 1786, again 1789. Presiding elder 1791. His district stretched from East Tennessee to the Atlantic seaboard. Died at Castlewood in Russell County, Va.

Wiley, Ephraim Emerson: Born Oct. 6, 1814, near Boston, Mass. Son of Rev. Ephraim Wiley, a member of the New England Conference. His mother was Rebecca Emerson Wiley of the Concord Emersons. Educated at Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn., from which he graduated in 1837. In 1839 he became Professor of Ancient Languages in Emory and Henry College, Va. Succeeded Dr. Charles Collins as President of Emory and Henry College in 1852 and served as Professor or President for forty years; and was for five years President of Martha Washington College, Abingdon, Va. Admitted on trial into Holston Conference 1840. It is said that he never missed a roll call at Conference and never left until Conference adjourned. He was the most eminent man in Holston Conference for fifty years and was one of the eminent men of the Southern Methodist Church for many years. He was a member of ten successive sessions of the General Conference. He was recognized as one of the great preachers of the South. Although a son of New England he became an ardent Southerner; and was perfectly loyal to the Southern Methodist Church. He was twice married. His first wife was Miss Elizabeth Hammond, Middletown, Conn. His second wife was Miss Elizabeth Reeves, Washington County, Tenn., to whom he was married Oct. 3, 1870. They had three children, one of whom, Dr. E. E. Wiley, is a Methodist preacher, and a grandson bearing the same name is also a Methodist preacher. He died March 13, 1893, at Emory, Va., and was buried there.

Wilkerson, Robert: Brother of Thomas Wilkerson. Admitted 1797. In Holston 1797-1798. Located in 1801. An able preacher.

Wilkerson, Thomas: Born April 27, 1772, in Amelia County, Va. Admitted in 1792. In Holston: on Holston circuit 1798-1799; presiding elder 1805-1807 and 1827. Located in 1807, readmitted 1827, supernumerary in 1828 and continued in that relation until superannuated. He was active in Virginia, Kentucky and North Carolina. Ranked high among preachers. Asbury favored his election as Bishop. Married about 1807, Mrs. Cobb (widow of William Cobb). She lived but a short time, died without children and left all of her property to her husband. Sometime later he married Mrs. Sarah King Williams, a woman of wealth, culture and piety. Her daughter married Rev. Thomas Stringfield. Mrs. Wilkerson died Nov. 18, 1838, at Strawberry Plains, Tenn. Mr. Wilkerson married, the third time, Mrs. Job Clark, Washington County, Va. He died at her home, near Abingdon, Va., Feb. 3, 1856, and was buried there.

Williams, George Cookman: Born Sept. 21, 1874, near Federalsburg, Md. He was educated at Wesley Collegiate Institute at Dover, Md. He was admitted to Wilmington Conference in 1902 and spent most of his ministry there, filling many of its prominent appointments, and building several churches and parsonages. In 1922 he was transferred to Holston Conference and stationed at Knoxville, where his ability as a preacher was soon recognized. He married Miss Louise Satterfield. They had three children. Although he had been suffering for many months the end came swiftly at the close of a busy Sabbath. He died Nov. 12, 1925, at Knoxville. He was buried at Dover, Delaware.

Williams, Joseph: In Holston one year, 1805.

Williams, Leonard J.: Born June 22, 1872, at Graysville, Ga. Son of Thomas H. and Sarah Ann Williams. Licensed to preach in 1902. Admitted 1904. Served seven charges in fifteen years. Frail in body, fervent in spirit, he was a true minister of Christ. Superannuated because of frail health in 1919. Married twice: (1) Miss Ora May Julian. She lived but a few months after marriage. (2) Miss Jessie Leake, daughter of Rev. Sanford Leake, North Georgia Conference, in 1902. They had three children. Two sons, Rev. Thomas L. and Rev. Harry S., are members of Holston Conference. Mary L. is the wife of Rev. Cecil Hardin, Holston Conference. Died March 16, 1929. Buried at Rock Springs, Ga.

Willis, Henry: A native of Brunswick County, Va., where occurred one of the greatest revivals of American Methodism. Admitted in 1778. Active in traveling connection for about thirty years. In Holston two years, 1784-1786. He served Charleston, New York, Wilmington, Del., Philadelphia, Baltimore, Fredericktown. In 1793 he was associated with John Dickins (Willis and Dickins) as Superintendent of the Printing and Book Business in Philadelphia. "He was a gifted man; a great reader; cheerful, courageous, affable, diligent." No man stood higher in the esteem of Bishop Asbury than Henry Willis. Frail of body, with feeble breast and lungs, his zeal consumed his strength. He died at Pipe Creek, Md., 1808.

Wilson, Benjamin Carnelin: Born Feb. 8, 1865, in Allen County, Ky. Son of Rev. Martin V. and Elizabeth Lovelace Wilson. Attended high school and college at Franklin, Ky. Admitted to Louisville Conference 1908, where he served until 1914, when he transferred to Baltimore Conference; transferred to Holston Conference in 1924. He served faithfully until the end of his days in Holston Conference. Married Sept. 6, 1888, Miss Alberta Wilson, of Allen County, Ky. They had three sons and a daughter. He died April 3, 1932, at Evansville, Tenn. Buried at Ooltewah, Tenn.

Wilson, Leander: Born 1816. Admitted 1836. "A meek and quiet man of good manners." Died 1851.

Wingo, Chapman Kelly: Born June 16, 1883, at Cedar Bluff, Va. Son of Robert and Mary McNeil Wingo. Educated in the public schools of Tazewell County, Va., he took a business course at Lexington, Ky., and later, graduated from Emory and Henry College in 1910. He was admitted into Holston Conference in 1910. "Through all these years he was the faithful and beloved pastor and the earnest and sympathetic preacher." His health broke toward the end of his fifth year as pastor of Centenary Church, Chattanooga. Untiring and unresting, he had driven his sturdy body too long. He married Oct. 3, 1903, Miss Tevis Cubine, whom he had loved from childhood. They had three children. He superannuated in 1937 and lingered in painful infirmity. He died on Dec. 3, 1942, at Knoxville. Mrs. Wingo died six weeks later. They lie, side by side, in Forest Hills Cemetery, Chattanooga, Tenn.

Winkler, Edmond Josephus: Born Jan. 23, 1862. Son of Anderson and Martha Winkler. He was admitted to the Blue Ridge Conference in 1885 and served there for twenty-one years. Transferred to the Columbia River Conference in 1906 and remained there two years. Transferred to the Georgia Conference in 1908 and to Holston Conference in 1909. He married in May, 1893, Miss Delia Garland. They had twelve children. He superannuated in 1913. He died Nov. 25, 1927, and was buried at Tasso, Tenn.

Winton, Wiley B.: Born 1812, Roane County, Tenn. Son of James and Rhoda Mitchell Winton; both of his grandfathers were local preachers. Admitted 1833. Superannuated in 1844, but was out only one year. In 1845 was made presiding elder of Wytheville District. Superannuated in 1852. Removed to Iowa in 1856 and to Missouri in 1866. Greatly beloved in Holston and wherever he was known. Married Sophia Miller, Wythe County, Va., in 1838. Died March 30, 1878. Buried at Springfield, Mo.

Witcher, William: Born 1825, Jefferson County, Tenn. Reared in Bradley County, Tenn. Admitted 1849. Transferred to East Texas 1859, and to Tennessee Conference 1867, back to Holston 1887. Married Miss Mary Crismon; one son, Maurus. Superannuated 1889. Died March 8, 1892, near Chattanooga. Buried Cleveland, Tenn.

Witten, James: Born Jan. 5, 1793. Son of William and Letitia Laura Witten. Admitted 1817. Located 1834. There were four brothers who were Methodist preachers: James, John W., William A. and Thomas. Their sister, Miss Letitia Witten, married David H. Dickey, Sweetwater, Tenn. Their parents, with two others, were, in 1793, organized into the first Methodist church organized in Tazewell County, Va. They sold their farm in Tazewell County, Va., and moved to Bledsoe County, Tenn., in 1805. James Witten was a devout and esteemed preacher in the Tennessee Conference and, after 1824, in Holston Conference. He located in 1822 but appears again in Holston in 1827, but located in 1834.

Witten, Zachariah: Born about 1791, in Tazewell County, Va. The son of Thomas, Jr., and Eleanor Cecil Witten. Educated in pioneer home of his parents where Methodist preachers were frequent and welcome guests. Converted in 1811, and began, at once, to exercise his gifts in prayer and exhortation. He was licensed to preach in 1812; and was sent by the presiding elder to Powell's Valley circuit, where he traveled until Conference. He was admitted to Tennessee Conference in 1812. He became ill in 1814 and went home to visit his parents. Leaving home for his appointment, in March, 1815, he died on the way of consumption on May 18. "He was very useful in all the stations he filled. He was zealous in his Master's work, and was honored in the awakening and converting of many precious souls." His last words were: "I leave this world without trouble or sorrow."

Wolfe, James K.: Born Jan. 17, 1847, near Gate City, in Scott County, Va. Son of Emanuel and Sallie Wolfe. Admitted in 1873. Served faithfully until 1898, when he located. Married Miss Emma Sproule. He was a nephew of Rev. W. M. Kerr, who for many years was a leader among Holston Methodists. He was a brother of Rev. John M. Wolfe, who was a life-long member of Holston Conference and whose son, Rev. Joseph E. Wolfe, followed faithfully in his footsteps. Mrs. Linnie Kerr Morrell, wife of Rev. W. M. Morrell, was the saintly daughter of Rev. J. K. Wolfe. He died April 1, 1900, in Stanley Valley, Hawkins County, Tenn. Buried at New Providence.

Wolfe, John M.: Born July 17, 1844, in Scott County, Va. Son of Emanuel and Sallie Wolfe. His brother, Rev. James K. Wolfe, was a member of Holston Conference. His father died when he was four years old. At ten he joined the church. He enlisted in Confederate Army and served to the end of the war without a wound. Soon after the war ended he was licensed to preach. Admitted in 1872 and was effective for thirty-five years. His average salary did not exceed $350.00 annually. Having been deprived of early educational advantages, he nevertheless acquired the ability to read and translate Greek and Latin. He was loved and trusted by all who knew him. Superannuated in 1902, he declined to receive anything from Conference funds for superannuates during the last five years of his life. His children were then all grown and were contributing to his support. Married May 14, 1867, Miss Rebecca McMullen. They had eleven children, eight of whom lived to be grown. One son, Rev. Joseph E. Wolfe, was a member of Holston Conference. Superannuated in 1902 and lived at Dryden, Va. Early in 1917 he suffered a stroke of paralysis. Died Nov. 13, 1917. Buried at Dryden, Va.

Wolfe, Joseph Emanuel: Born Feb. 9, 1872, in the parsonage at Fall Branch, Tenn. Son of Rev. John Melville and Mrs. Rebecca McMullen Wolfe. Graduated at Emory and Henry College in 1896 and Vanderbilt University, as a Bachelor of Divinity, in 1901. He was admitted in 1896. The only break in effective service was a Sabbatic year on account of illness in 1930. He served with efficiency and distinction as pastor and presiding elder. He was for many years a useful member of the Conference Board of Missions and the Board of Trustees of Hiwassee College. His last full term, as pastor, at Fountain City was notably successful. He went from there to Brainerd in 1935. He was married Sept. 30, 1908, to Miss Pearl Stockton. Mrs. Wolfe has been for many years Secretary of the Woman's Missionary Conference of Holston Conference. He took up his work at Brainerd, but the break came two months later. He died February 7, 1936, at Chattanooga. He was buried at Fountain City, Tenn.

Wood, George S.: Born March 11, 1872, near Hilton's, Scott County, Va. Licensed to preach 1891. Admitted 1892. Located 1895. Readmitted 1903. "He was one of those patient, faithful itinerants, who served hard charges without complaint, lived frugally, worked loyally, kept out of debt, loved his work, honored his church, and in every field where he labored, held the confidence of his own people and the esteem of others." Married Aug. 3, 1903, Miss Nannie Bell Hart of Scott County, Va. They had four children. Died April 24, 1915, and was buried at Hilton's, Va.

Woodward, Alexander E.: Born April 13, 1831, on Sugar Run, Lee County, Va. Son of Rev. Valentine and Mary E. Woodward. Admitted 1855. Supernumerary two years, 1873 and 1884. Was on effective list twenty-eight years, serving eighteen circuits. Superannuated 1885 to 1904; nineteen years. Married Feb. 3, 1874, Miss Maggie Rucker, Thorn Hill, Tenn. Died Jan. 22, 1904, Tate Spring, Tenn., and was buried there.

Woodyard, E. O.: Born Dec. 13, 1871, in Wirt County, W. Va. He was admitted into the West Virginia Conference in 1904. He transferred to Holston Conference in 1910, where he served six stations and one district. His work in building the church at Kingsport was especially notable. He did much of the work with his own hands. He was twice married: (1) Miss Lena A. Achors, Williamson, W. Va. They had two daughters. (2) Mrs. Claudia Clemmer Britton, Greeneville, Tenn., in 1919. He superannuated in 1934. He died in the hospital at Greeneville, July 30, 1936. He was buried at Mosheim, Tenn.

Woolsey, John: Born Oct. 13, 1851, in Meigs County, Tenn. Son of Samuel and Harriet Woolsey. United with Baptist Church at eighteen. Later joined the M. E. Church, South. He served as local preacher supply for several years. Admitted 1888. Served six charges in East Tennessee. Superannuated 1905 and was never afterwards able to do active work. Married March 27, 1873, Miss Alice Goddard. They had eight children. "His ministry was blessed by gracious revivals." Died March 28, 1911. Buried at Powell Station, Tenn.

Wrather, Baker: Admitted 1810. In Holston one year, 1812. Located 1815. Expelled from church for selling a slave.

Wright, A. B.: Born Nov. 3, 1826, in Fentress County, Tenn. Early opportunities for education were limited. He was converted in a Camp Meeting held by the Cumberland Presbyterians in 1843 and joined the Methodist Episcopal Church. He was licensed to preach in 1848. He left the Southern Church and joined Holston Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, in 1867 and traveled charges in the Cumberland Mountains until 1878, when he was elected County Court Clerk of Fentress County, serving four years, during which time he held a supernumerary relation. In 1882 he again took active work and served until 1891, part of the time as financial agent for Sunbright Seminary. He was a man possessing an abundant gift of common sense, who gave himself wholeheartedly to the work of pastoral evangelism, working in his own way, following closely a system of his own devising. He kept a journal which was published by his sons after his death. He married May 7, 1849, Miss Cynthia Frogg. They had five children. One son, Rev. J. C. Wright, was a Methodist preacher. He was superannuated, at his own request, in 1891. He died Nov. 9, 1893, and was buried at Burr, Tenn.

Wynn, J. R.: Admitted 1822. In Holston 1822.

Wysor, Michael Jordan: Born Oct. 24, 1850. Son of B. F. and Harriet Jane Wysor. As a boy he shouldered the responsibility of his family and worked so that the other children, left fatherless by their father's death in the Civil War, might have an education. He was admitted in 1896 when forty-six years old. Served eleven charges in nineteen years; and was Superintendent of Holston Orphanage for seven years. Married Sept. 23, 1880, Miss Willie Edna Boynton, Opelika, Ala. They had three children. He superannuated in 1922. "He was one who learned the secret of growing old gracefully." He died Feb. 14, 1936, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Eula Wysor McNutt, at Princeton, W. Va. He was buried at Pulaski, Va.

Young, Benjamin: In Holston one year, 1801-1802.

Young, Jacob: Born March 19, 1776, in Allegheny County, Pa. Admitted 1799. In Holston one year, 1803-1804. Left an autobiography. He had the honorary D.D. He died Sept. 16, 1859.

Young, William: Born May 16, 1786, Washington County, Va. Admitted 1808. In Holston one year, 1809. Died Jan. 20, 1812, of "pulmonary consumption."

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