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Be it resolved, that the Sevier Association of Baptist, now assembled, puts itself on record as being in full accord with President Wilson in the prosecution of the present war against the powers that are threatening the liberties, not only of the United States, but of the entire world.

Be it further resolved, that we pledge to him all resources at our command, to the end that this war may be carried on until lasting peace may be guaranteed to the people of the entire world.

Be it further resolved that our hearts go out to our brave boys who have enlisted in our armies to fight for liberty, home and country, and we hereby pledge ourselves to do all we can to aid them at the front, as a reward for their patriotism.*

Those answering the call to serve their country in World War I from Zion Hill Baptist Church were:

James Bales
William Myers
Earl Cown
James Hubert Reed
Bertis Mitchell Ellis
James Rogers
Charlie Galyon
Earl Grooms
Andy J. Graves
William H. Rogers
James Headrick
Oscar Shelley
Joe Moore
*Charley Wells<

*Charley Wells was a casualty of the war.

Source: 1917 associational minutes; transcribed by Patsy Galyon Bradford

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