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The following veterans' names are inscribed on a flag at Zion Hill Baptist Church to commemorate their members' service in World War II. Those who sacrificed their lives are indicated by "KIA."

Transcribed by Patsy Galyon Bradford

Baker, Beecher
Baker, Buford
Baker, Reese (KIA)
Bales, Paul
Bales, Roy
Carr, Joe
Carr, Ralph
Caughorn, William Dot
Conner, Carl
Cown, Lee
Cummings, James
Cummings, Opal
Cummings, Sherman
Davis, Frank
England, Julius
Galyon, Pitner
Galyon, W.A.
Gibson, Earl
Gibson, Zach/Zack
Graves, Andrew (KIA)
Green, Johnnie
Hatcher, Eckard
Helton, Arthur
Helton, Clyde (KIA)
Helton, Oscar
Helton, Willie
Ingle, Gilbert
Ingle, Roy Jr.
Johnson, James
Johnson, Theron
Manis, Charles
Manis, Frank (KIA)
Manis, Johnnie
McMahon, Ernest
McMahon, James
Moore, Bill
Moore, Frank
Moore, Henry
Moore, Wallace
Norton, Roy
Pitner, Paul
Ramsey, Allen
Reed, Carl
Rogers, Ermal
Rogers, Eugene
Rogers, Herman
Rogers, Homer
Rogers, Reo
Stoner, Kenneth
Turner, Ernest
Turner, Lloyd
Turner, Paul
Webb, Bill

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