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Beulah Karr, born in Sevier County, is in the process of documenting the men of Sevier County who served in the Civil War.

So far, about 550 to 600 soldiers who have been documented.  The book tells about the organization of Sevier County companies, the officers of Sevier County, and details of most battles that our Sevier County men fought in.  A history of most regiments that our men fought in will be included, including Union and Confederate regiments.

This book gives details from the prospective of our Sevier County men, the true sufferings of the war.  Each profile includes basic information, such as birth and parentage, marriage info, enlistment date, regiment and dates served, served, battles fought, place of death, and burial.  Some profiles include photos, and letters.

Much effort has gone into locating the graves of our young men who died away from home, to be buried in National Cemeteries and Confederate prisons.  For five years, Ms. Karr has scoured regimental rosters, National Cemeteries, census records, cemetery records, and family histories.  This book did NOT depend on contributions from family members.  Only a small percentage of the information was contributed by others.

Ms. Karr writes, "I have closed research, and am now in the process of making the final draft.  I cannot say yet when the book will be published, but it will be a special hard back issue as an honor to our soldiers.  I will make announcements as I progress to completion.  I am very proud of the work I have done, and I know anyone who sees it will be proud of our men of Sevier County."

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