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Webmistress' notes: Neither the identity of the source document nor the transcriber of this information was recorded on the page that appeared in the Web Archive of the Sevier County Library's genealogy site that is no longer on-line. If you can identify the original transcriber and/or the source document, please contact us. No copyright infringement is intended by including this data here.

A MUSTER ROLL of Captain Simeon Perry's Company of Mounted Infantry - East Tennessee Volunteers
under the command of Major General John Cooke
in the Regiment Commanded by Colonel Samuel Wear in the Service of the United States
from the 23rd of Sept 1813 -- When Lasted Mustered until the 23rd of December 1813 -- the Expirations of this time of Service.

Simeon Perry Captain  
Benjamin Hubbert Lieut.  
Samuel Wear Junior Ensign  
John Walker 1st Sgt. Promoted from Corporal to Sgt. 15th of Oct 1813
John Wear 2nd Sgt. Appointed Sgt. 28th of Sep 1813
Thomas A. Perry 3rd Sgt. Promoted from Corporal to Sgt. 7th of
Allen Bryan 1st Corp'l Oct 1813 to Corporal Reduced 5th of Oct 1813
James Willcockson 2nd Corp'l Appointed Sgt. 28th of Sep 1813.
Andes, Solomon Private  
Atchley, Thomas " Enlisted 5th of Oct 1813
Anderson, James "  
Bramby, John    
Boggess, Jas. S. "  
Burnett, Vincent " listed 3rd of Oct 1813
Catlett, Richard "  
Calvert, Edward "  
Campbell, George    
Compton, John "  
Crauch, John " Deserted from Camp Coasu (?) 4th of Nov 1813
Calvil, Young "  
Ferguson, John "  
Fox, Adam "  
Hill, George "  
Hatcher, James "  
Houk, Michael "  
Hubbert, Mathew " Enrolled 5th of Oct 1813
Johnson, Moses "  
James, William " Horse died at Fort Armstrong 24th of Nov 1813. Value at $75.00
James, John "  
Livestance, John "  
Meklehany, David    
Mullendore, William "  
McKew, William "  
Mahan, Archimedus "  
Maples, Josiah " Lost his Horse at the Disposition - Reported the 22nd of October 1813. Value at $40.00 & Procured on others third.
Mahan, Edward "  
Mahan, John "  
Prentice, Zachariah  "  
Porter, William "  
Paterson, Tryson "  
Robertson, Elijah "  
Shields, Arnett " Reduced from Sgt. to Private the 28th of September 1813
Simow, Alfred "  
Stricklin, Edmond "  
Sively, Absolam "  
Taylor, Robert " Reduced from Sgt. to Private the 28th of September 1813
Tucker, William "  
Vineyard, John "  
Vineyard, James " Deserted from Camp Coasu (?) the 4th of Nov 1813
Whittle, John "  
Whittle, John "  
Willcockson, David "  
Wells, Andrew "  
Webb, Thomas "  
Wormick, John "  

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