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Webmistress' notes: Neither the identity of the source document nor the transcriber of this information was recorded on the page that appeared in the Web Archive of the Sevier County Library's genealogy site that is no longer on-line. If you can identify the original transcriber and/or the source document, please contact us. No copyright infringement is intended by including this data here.

A MUSTER ROLL of a Company under command of Captain Porter in a Regt. commanded by [sic]
In the division of Tennessee Drafted Militia
under Major General William Carroll in the United States
from the 10th day of November 1814 to the 10th day of May 1815, Inclusive.

Wilson Maples Capt. Resigned 22nd Dec 1814
Jas. Porter 1st Lieut. Promoted to Capt. 27th Dec 1814
Saml. Blair 2nd Lieut. " " 1st Lieut. 27th Dec 1814
James Gross 3rd Lieut. " 2nd Lieut. 27th Dec 1814
Arch Mahan Ensign " " 3rd Lieut. 27th Dec 1814
Wm. Montgomery 1st Sergt.  
Jas. Benson 2nd Sergt.  
John Montgomery 3rd Sepgt.  
Alex. Porter 4th Sergt.  
Robert Murphy 5th Sergt.  
Stephen Winston 6th Sergt.  
Jesse Maples 1st Corp'l  
Joseph Runyan 2nd "  
Benj. Atchley 3rd "  
Benj. Murphy 4th "  
Wm. Porter 5th " Promoted to Ensign 27th Dec 1814
Jno. Winston 6th " Reduced to the Ranks 19th Nov 1 14
Michael Houk Drummer  
Abram Connatser Private  
William Whaley Fifer  
Andrew Wells Private  
Amos Galian "  
Amos Clark '"  
Alex. Marison "  
Benj. Benson "  
Benj. Houk "  
Bryan Davison "  
Benj. Coper " Left sick at Mobile 9th April 1815
Caleb Odle "  
Charles Patterson "  
Edmund Newman " Deceased February 1st 1815
Elijah Thomas   Left sick at Horseshoe Garrison
Elijah Rose "  
Eli Johnson "  
George Reed "  
George Moser    
Henry Connatser "  
Henry Mannon "  
Henry Lovedy    
Isaac Sening "  
Isaac Orminete "  
John C. Walker " Promoted to Corporal 20th Nov 1814.
James Scrivner "  
John Compton "  
Jesse Web "  
Jeremiah Wells "  
Joseph Atchley    
John McKisuck "  
John Bird "  
James Murphy "  
Joel Tucker "  
John Cilly "  
James Toomy    
Jesse Akins "  Deceased February 10th 1815
John Cunningham "  
Joel Davis "  
John Mason " Enlisted 1st January 1815
John Campbell "  
Jesse Campbell    
James Clark "  
John Houk "  
John Baughenan "  
Joseph Celler "  
John Magee    
Jacob Snoderly "  
John Craze    
John Carson "  
John Martion " Deceased 3rd of April 1815
Joseph McCord "  
John Hudson "  
Levi Lewis    
Larkin Bolin "  
Larkin Young "  
Mignon Boze "  
Moses McCarter "  
Nicholas Norton "  
Obedian Hudson    
Parmer Branam "  
Richard Haggard "  
Robert Henry "  
Robert McClain "  
Redman McMahan "  
Richard Martin "  
Stephen Right "  
Samuel Tilor    
Samuel Lane    
Thomas White    
Thomas McShehan "  
Wm. Fryer "  
Wm. Denny    
Wm. Watkins    
Wm. Huckabee "  

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