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Trust Sale – By virtue of a Deed of Trust, executed to me by John Jenkins on the 6th day of August, 1842, to secure sundry debts due to the Union Bank of the State of Tennessee, therein specified, I will expose to public sale on Monday the 1st day of April, 1844, at the Courthouse door in Sevierville, in Sevier County, a tract of land, lying in Sevier County, on the waters of Middle Creek, adjoining the lands of A. Lawson Jr., Jacob Hoover and the estate of Samuel West, dec’d., whereon the said John Jenkins now lives – containing about six hundred acres. The sale will be for cash and such title as is vested in me by said Deed of Trust will be made to the purchaser. E Alexander, Trustee, Feb. 14, 1844

Source: The Post and Knoxville Register, Tuesday, February 13, 1844

Transcribed by Robert McGinnis and used with his permission.

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