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Source: Ansearchin' News, Vol. 28, No. 3 (Fall, 1981), pg. 128. No copyright infringement is intended by presenting this information here.

BRAMLEY/BRUMLEY CEMETERY - Submitted by James R. Bramley, 2639 Overlook, Germantown, TN 38138

On 3 Dec 1849 B. S. TATUM deeded to Mrs. Sarah BRUMLEY a tract of land for a burying ground for her late husband, John Brumley. The tract contained 30 sq. poles and was originally part of a tract of land conveyed to John Brumley by John C. McKEAN in Mar 1829 and belonged to the estate of John Brumley at thetime of his death in 1833.

The cemetery is located in NE Fayette Co, TN, approximately 8-1/2 miles NE of Somerville on the Old Jackson Rd. It is found on the E side of the road approximately 1/2 mile SW of the intersection leading to Mt. Moriah community. John and Sarah BRAMLEY are known to be buried here.

John Bramley was born in TN 1790/1800 and died in Fayette Co 14 Mar 1833. He served in the War of 1812 in a Company of Mounted Infantry made up of men from Sevier Co, TN, under Capt. Simeon Perry and Col. Samuel Wear in the winter of 1813. On 19 Mar 1812 John Bramley and Sarah AMONETTE were married in Sevierville, TN. After spending some time during the early l820s in northern AL, he bought land and settled in Fayette Co, TN in 1829.

Sarah Amonette Bramley was born in TN in 1797. Her father, Benjamin Amonette, was a Ranger in Sevier Co, TN for several years about 1810. Benjamin Amonette and wife, Nancy HUBBARD, were from Powhatan Co, VA and were married there 12 Jan 1793. After John died in 1833 Sarah remained in Fayette Co to rear their 8 children until her death in the Fall of 1870.

The headstones still remaining in the Bramley Cemetery [in 1981] are:

  • Bettie TRAINER - 23 Feb 1821, wife of B. M. Trainer (dau of John & Sarah Bramiey)
  • B. M. trainer - 22 Feb 1811 - 15 Nov 1891
  • Nannie Trainer - 1846-1919
  • W. I. Trainer - 1 Feb 1857 - 20 Nov 1876
  • J. M. Trainer - 17 Nov 1869 - 28 Nov 1910
  • Vol1ie G. Trainer - 3 Jul 1877 - 7 Jun 1918
  • Addie, wife of J. H. Trainer, 25 Aug 1851 - 2 Aug 1910
  • Florence F. SHINAULT - 1879-1935
  • John W. Shinault - 1870-1956
  • Sallie, wife of W. J. ROGERS, 17 Jun 1852 - 15 Oct 1902
  • Children of M. L. and Lou WILES (4 small mouments - no dates or names)

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