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The text contained in this article is from a Web document that was formerly available at the Sevier County Library's Web site. The document is no longer on-line, but it was located in an Internet Archive. The actual source and transcriber were not identified in the document, nor was there any indication of whether the extraction was complete. Some minor, obvious corrections were made to the text because it appeared to have been mechanically converted (OCR).

No copyright infringement is intended by posting the information here for the benefit of researchers.

From Dr. Joseph A. Sharp Collection - Axley Family

Typed by Louise Axley Bayles - April 16, 1961 from copy

Sent by Mrs. G. W. Axley


In 1802 both Robert and Pleasant were living in Salem, Ky. PLEASANT was a Methodist minister.

JAMES AXLEY was bound to a JUDGE STEVENS, as a lawyer, and he became JUDGE STEVEN'S law partner. In 1799,. Judge Stevens, his family and James Axley moved to Kentucky. About this time James decided to be a preacher and left the law firm. He was a preacher for 33 yrs.. Circuit rider for 7 yrs, presiding elder for 10 yrs. and was "located" (his preaching voluntary not under Bishop's jurisdiction and he was paid by the individual churches who invited him to preach) for last 16 yrs. of his life.

JAMES AXLEY did not marry until 1821. At that time, he was "located" and settled in Sweetwater, Tenn. He wade his own tools and sere of these are still in existence. He built a two story house (log) on the Sweetwater-Madisonville road on what is now known as the Anderson Godsey farm.

James Axley married Cynthia Earnest (b.1800- d. 9-31-1882) from Greene County Tenn. Her brother-in-law John Lotspiech Sr. was an original settler of Sweetwater Valley.

A synopsis of James Axley's life as a minister is in Holston Methodism, Vol. II., by Rev. R. N. Price. On microfilm, 1830 Census of U. S. (Roll 175), James Axley of Monroe County; 5 children; 1 wife.

He is buried in County Line Cemetery at Browder Memorial Church, Sweetwater, Tenn. His tombstone reads: James Axley, died 2-22-1837 age 62 yrs. He was a PA of ME. Church. Cynthia Axley is buried beside her husband. Her stone reads "Cynthia Axley, d. 9-31-1882, age, 82 yrs. Children: Morilla, Betsy, Jerima, James W. b. 9-8-1827, d. 4-17-1898. Samuel Douthard, b. 8-10-1828, d. 5-13-1901 and Elijah T. b. 7-22-1834 d. 9-3-1881.

Little information on Morrila, Betsy and Jerima.

James W. Axley b. 9-8-1827 married 1st Mary McKenzie b. ? d. 12-31-1858 on Dec. 11, 1856. After her death, James W. Axley married Martha Ann Smith b. 8-12-1832, d. 3-21-1894. She was daughter of John Pickens Smith of Athens, Tenn.. James W. and Martha are buried in old part of Madisonville Cemetery in Madisonville, Tennessee. Their children James Thomas (b. 10-4-1857, d ? ). In 1916 he was working for railroad in Ogden, Utah.

John McKenzie Axley (b. 12-31-1858) d. ?. In 1916 he was a stockbroker is Kansas, City MO.

Children of James and Martha Ann Smith: Mary Alice Axley, b. 5-23-1861 d. ? ; married George Renolds and in 1916 resided is Canyon City, Texas. William Wesley Axley, b. 9-23-1862, d. ? ; Married Sarah F. Norris on 12-18-1895. In 1916 were living in Chattanooga with their 3 children: Robert Chapman Axley b. 2-14-1892, Martha Frances b. 8-31-1898, and William Wesley Axley b. 9-20-1901.

Charles Davis Axley b 11-1- 1864, d. 10-5-1885. He is buried in Troupe, Texas where he died.

Samuel Wiley Axley b. 9-1-1866, d. 3-10-1911 Buried in Kansas City, Mo., where he died.

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