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Shared by Jan Oldham on 15 October 1998.

I am in the process of transcribing information on the original members of the Little Pigeon Baptist Church which I will be glad to send you as soon as I get it finished.

I have pictures of our Oldham log house, an article from the Sevier Historical Society about the house and a current picture of the house, will have to look and see what else I might have that would be helpful on the page.  I have a picture of the orginal James Oldham dog trot house in Sevier Co., TN. This picture was taken in 1965. On a return trip last spring, the cabin was no longer there.

Also have pictures of Forks of the Little Pigeon, commerative marker for Spencer Clack, map showing Oldham, TN, and Oldham Creek.......can you tell we're researching our Oldham family?

Oldham-Owen house

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Oldham-Owen House.  This house has burned since this picture was taken - it has now been completely remodeled.  The chimney was the original with a corner stone dated 1807.  This was built by James Oldham.

Oldham's Creek Baptist Church
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Oldham's Creek Baptist Church

Map of Oldham Community

This is a map of the Sevier County area that shows Oldham, Tennessee, and up along the Boogertown Road is Oldham's Creek.

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