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Sevier County is all astir over a tragedy that occurred at Seven Islands last Saturday afternoon. Tom Reed shot and killed an old man by the name of Robert Lewis, the tragedy originating in a dispute the two men had over a cow.

Reed and Lewis were neighbors, living within 150 yards of each other. Lewis so the story is given went to Reed's house at the time mentioned.

In the quarrel that followed, Lewis snapped his pistol twice or three times in Reed's face. Lewis then turned and rapidly ran towards his home. His progress was soon checked by eighty-four shots from a double-barrel shotgun in the hands of Reed.

Lewis staggered a little further towards his house and was caught in the arms of his wife, who had been attracted by the shooting, as he fell towards the ground.

With assistance, Lewis who was about 65 years of age and bore a good reputation, was carried into his house where he died a few minutes afterward. The shot had entered the back of his head and some of them had ploughed through his brain, coming out at the left temple.

Reed was captured, although after he shot the man he sent to a store and got more ammunition saying that he would shoot the first man who came to arrest him. He was guarded in Poor Valley all night and put in the Sevierville jail Sunday night, the signal of mob violence inducing the incarceration. He was bound over to the higher court. His reputation for toughness is excellent. He has been placed under a five hundred dollar bond for threatening to kill his sister and brother-in-law [remainder of article not transcribed]

Source: The Knoxville Journal, Tuesday, July 19, 1892

Transcribed by Robert McGinnis

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