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Sevierville, July 14 – Wm Sneed shot and killed a young man by the name of Eli Williamson in the second district of Sevier County on the 14th ult.

The trouble came about in this way, as I am informed. Sneed was arraigned sometime ago upon the charge of white-capping. Young Williamson was a witness against him and had said after the trial that he would not believe Sneed upon oath. (Sneed's oath having been put down in court before and he not swearing as Williamson believed to be true was why he made the remark).

Sneed hearing this took his gun and went to Williamson's house to inquire if he had made the remark and being informed in the affirmative, shot him down in his own door. The gun was loaded with buckshot, six of which took effect in his right breast. He lived until the next day and died.

Sneed left for parts unknown. The citizens have offered a reward for his capture [remainder of article not transcribed]

Source: The Knoxville Journal, Tuesday, July 19, 1892

Transcribed by Robert McGinnis

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